Stafforst group - Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids

Nucleic acids are fantastic molecules. On one hand they are indispensable for any living system; on the other hand they offer the chemist a wonderful playground to create novel materials or to manipulate biological systems. Due to their unique base pairing properties hybridization between nucleic acids is highly predictable and thus rationally programmable. In our research we develop (chemically) modified nucleic acids with the intention to create tools for the study and control of basic biochemical processes like RNA processing, translation, or transcription. Typical modifications include photoresponsive groups, psoralen interstrand crosslinks, and catalytically active protein domains. We apply organic chemistry and biotechnology to create tools that we finally test and apply inside living mammalian cells. Our particular interest is to create tailored tools to tackle complex biological problems.

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open PhD positions!

Highly motivated students that like to tackle problems at the interface of chemistry and biology are cordially invited to join the group for their Master, Diploma or PhD research. Just come by and visit the lab, or contact me via email.



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