Cell marking opens up a window into the body

Researchers at the University of Tübingen develop methods to track cells in mice which could help to reduce animal experiments


How protein interactions drive cellular death

The Garcia group proposes a novel integrative model for how Bcl-2 proteins regulate apoptosis in their new article in Nature Communications. For further information on this study, see Press Relea


University of Tübingen supports IFIB junior researcher

Congratulations to Markus Wolters!


How cells die

IFIB researchers find that calcium flux is dispensable for necroptosis

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IFIB invited speakers - current term

Every Monday at 17:00 an invited speaker presents his or her research to the members of the IFIB. Students and guest are very welcome to attend. Please find the details of all talks of the current term in the full program. Do also check or subscribe to the IFIB online calendar, especially for last minute updates.